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Logan Paul

7 månader sedan

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Logan Paul
Logan Paul 7 månader sedan
clarifying in the comments: we would NEVER, EVER, EVER, push broley off the boat. he jumped and a hand was behind him, petting him, and when he jumped, we attempted to grab him but FOR A FACT we did not push him. watch his body language and you can very evidently see a self induced, independent jump from the little mut. thanks for coming to my Ted talk
Bored 22 timmar sedan
MildewyLizard78 That’s my user on fortnite
MildewyLizard78 That’s my user on fortnite 4 dagar sedan
That scared me
MA AH 5 dagar sedan
@Logan Paul fik you pro I
RJ63 15 dagar sedan
@Anjolie Augustine I care about animals and how they are treated.
Anjolie Augustine
Anjolie Augustine 15 dagar sedan
@RJ63 what’s wrong with you?
Tobywarzombie 1
Tobywarzombie 1 Dag sedan
Blue was finished with Logen’s sh*t so he jumped of the bout
bullzye3 Dag sedan
Logan bro, you have to change that profile picture.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 3 dagar sedan
That was on purpose
Sefukas Gaming
Sefukas Gaming 3 dagar sedan
0:06 them pushing the dog
Ethan Grissom
Ethan Grissom 8 dagar sedan
Why don’t you fight someone tough for a change mommas boy and fight Carl Johnson he would knock you out in less than 5 minutes easily, you stand no chance against Carl, he’d hit you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to feel your face for a month.
Swazy 9 dagar sedan
Logans Dog Wad Like “FREEDOM AT LAST!”
NoDadSxnny 11 dagar sedan
logan actually pushed the dog
ulas yeter
ulas yeter 12 dagar sedan
If you slow ist down you even see logan trieng to hold browley on the ship everione who says he pushed him is just stupid
Isiah Villezcas
Isiah Villezcas 12 dagar sedan
The dog just yeeted him self off the boat
KINGUSER K 12 dagar sedan
am i the only one who saw someone pushing the dog?
Lewis Cavey
Lewis Cavey 12 dagar sedan
Does nobody actually realise it was Logan who nudged Broley into the lake? 🤣
R3al-_- Rendi
R3al-_- Rendi 13 dagar sedan
Bro you cannot trick us the girl pushed it him but still I’m a big fan ily
skatey boi
skatey boi 14 dagar sedan
Naah bruh someone pushed the dog
James Cruise
James Cruise 15 dagar sedan
Seven am in the morning 😂
Cliff Clyde
Cliff Clyde 17 dagar sedan
Logan's Pets Is Like Logan Doing Crazy Things
A A 18 dagar sedan
This is a first Logan Paul video I watched in my life. I liked it 😎👍 Subscribing
Fortnite cool boy Cool
Fortnite cool boy Cool 19 dagar sedan
Bro the fact the photo said weeeee
Qaxily 19 dagar sedan
Your dog is as crazy as you logan
Hafe Lemur
Hafe Lemur 24 dagar sedan
why is logans gf ugly
gabe itch
gabe itch 20 dagar sedan
she def sticking for tha $
XENOM MORPHING 24 dagar sedan
Or Idaho
XENOM MORPHING 24 dagar sedan
Braden Prediger
Braden Prediger 27 dagar sedan
Daniel Perlov
Daniel Perlov 27 dagar sedan
Btw this is Bass Lake, Dunsmuir.
The Impures
The Impures 29 dagar sedan
Baran Hüseyin Öztürk
Baran Hüseyin Öztürk Månad sedan
Türk yokmu ya
Kunal Verma
Kunal Verma Månad sedan
Josie just pushed broley😐
Sidhartha Baiju
Sidhartha Baiju Månad sedan
Broley clearly jumped
Dylan Corbett
Dylan Corbett Månad sedan
Chris the driver looks like Robby from cobra kai
Jack b
Jack b Månad sedan
Okay nobody is talking about how he pushed the dog off the body.... 0:05
gabe itch
gabe itch 20 dagar sedan
yoooooo wtf
mehsen sleiman
mehsen sleiman Månad sedan
Bro..... you poked the dude so that he jumped.
Colin McArthur
Colin McArthur Månad sedan
Broely said fuck this shit im out
THE_GUY Månad sedan
a hand pushed the dog 4:00
InsaneッViper 24 dagar sedan
no someone was petting him and broley jumped
Plane Tester331
Plane Tester331 Månad sedan
did you see someone push the dog at the start
Jesus Hernández
Jesus Hernández Månad sedan
Hes gonna live in dubie
Michael Mann
Michael Mann Månad sedan
Someone pushed the dog off the boat go into slow mo you can see a hand push him
InsaneッViper 24 dagar sedan
omfg someone was petting him u idiot
Lexi Rose
Lexi Rose Månad sedan
Did anybody else see somebody push broley off the boat 🧐🧐
Carmello Macias
Carmello Macias Månad sedan
No joke that happed to my dog at tawas lake
Ayaan Haque
Ayaan Haque Månad sedan
am i actually the only who saw that the dog didnt jump, he got pushed off
Aldo Montoya
Aldo Montoya Månad sedan
You can see that Logan pushed his dog of
Jake Månad sedan
My uncle bought the same motor home and he came to my house to show my family it and the first thing I did was take a shit in the toilet. I could have just shit in my own toilet, it was at my house but when in rome, eh?
Milan Wijshake
Milan Wijshake Månad sedan
i was already typing rip broley hahaha i so glad that he's alive
H20 Månad sedan
all u see is blood in the water
Conner Watson
Conner Watson Månad sedan
bro when i saw the begening im still shakeing
Clarkk Kentt
Clarkk Kentt Månad sedan
I have a Maverick will blow up one day
TenThumbs Productions
TenThumbs Productions Månad sedan
Watching that dog jump.... Logan's pets just don't like to be alive.
Skylar Hare
Skylar Hare 6 dagar sedan
Rip kong, Rip Maverick,
Demon Wolf
Demon Wolf 19 dagar sedan
No Cap 🧢 Tho
Joey #4
Joey #4 25 dagar sedan
Damn outta pocket 😂
DruK Lee
DruK Lee Månad sedan
Спасибо что делаешь субтитры на русском ❤️🙏 Красавцы
Lewis Playzzz
Lewis Playzzz Månad sedan
The way he pushed the dog in
neeraj chauhan
neeraj chauhan Månad sedan
He didn't push him
•!•Karma•!• •Wolf•
•!•Karma•!• •Wolf• Månad sedan
Ok.if you think someone pushed that cute dog,your wrong and here are the reasons 1. Pinned comment says so. 2. I don’t think Logan would have jumped in the water 3. The dog is to cute 4. There friends,so friends trust each other. 5. The dog is still cute.
SayionsTrio 43
SayionsTrio 43 Månad sedan
it looked like someone pushed broly cuz I saw a hand push him
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming Månad sedan
It would have bin cool if Kong was still with us
Orion.K Månad sedan
Is it only me or did I see someone's hand push the dog
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres Månad sedan
Where’s this place at ?
Lithium FN
Lithium FN Månad sedan
Did anyone see them push the dog in??
Maverick Hutchins
Maverick Hutchins Månad sedan
My name is maverick
Lyron Aguiar
Lyron Aguiar 2 månader sedan
What's the song in the maverick commercial at the beginning
JOSH SALINAS 2 månader sedan
I think Chris Fornataro was your driver wtf from will the machine
Sophie sloat
Sophie sloat 2 månader sedan
You jumped in the water to get Broley
khalid Umar
khalid Umar 2 månader sedan
You can Logan Paul girlfriend posh the dog out
Vinnie Mitchell
Vinnie Mitchell 2 månader sedan
I thought that his girl was his sis ????..werid look alike
David Hodge
David Hodge 2 månader sedan
Broley actually looked embarrassed lol
Tricx Clipped
Tricx Clipped 2 månader sedan
My nigga went urrh
Sounak Roy
Sounak Roy 2 månader sedan
What happened to Cool Bus
Ethan Singh
Ethan Singh 2 månader sedan
Guess what, today is your lucky day, NO.
David Adams
David Adams 2 månader sedan
logan’s my manz and all... but where is his mask? does it not make the strangers he talks to uncomfortable with a virus spreading and him not wearing any mask
Squints Miller
Squints Miller 2 månader sedan
I would jump 100000000000 Percent
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan 2 månader sedan
Lukas Shannon
Lukas Shannon 2 månader sedan
Everyone vibing Broley: Ight imma head out
RD Raps
RD Raps 2 månader sedan
Josie pushed broly in the water
Arnav Rathi
Arnav Rathi 2 månader sedan
Chubby Chicken
Chubby Chicken 2 månader sedan
He literally spesified that nothing happened
Chubby Chicken
Chubby Chicken 2 månader sedan
Fuck off
CasperF12 2 månader sedan
Did i hear him say were going to j...... LMAOAOAOA
Bejto Sadiković
Bejto Sadiković 2 månader sedan
Yes your dog jump alone definetlu that hand bihindet didnt push it
Arnav Rathi
Arnav Rathi 2 månader sedan
English 100
Camden Hendrick
Camden Hendrick 2 månader sedan
Ceo of spelling
amritanshu singh
amritanshu singh 2 månader sedan
Guys watch at 4m 5sec he pushed his dog in the lake... Wht a scum bag n u guys worship him
Dragon 2 månader sedan
No you cant........
Turki ALshakrah
Turki ALshakrah 2 månader sedan
sleepy nolxve
sleepy nolxve 2 månader sedan
Logan: your gonna do good things I know it. Broley: jumps off the boat
Mustafa Mohamed
Mustafa Mohamed 2 månader sedan
You pushed the dog off the boat
Jason Powell
Jason Powell 2 månader sedan
Someone push the dog look good smh
Arnav Rathi
Arnav Rathi 2 månader sedan
Exodius 2 månader sedan
Read his comment idiot and broleys body language
Mcdonald's Big Mac
Mcdonald's Big Mac 2 månader sedan
Broly gave me a dang heart attack
Justin Schouten
Justin Schouten 2 månader sedan
you are really crazy logan Paul throwing your own dog in front of the boat you are really mad
J.L.A 777
J.L.A 777 2 månader sedan
If you look closely right before the dog jumped in the water you can see a hand on the dog's back which makes me think that the dog was pushed for views!
Ari Gunnar Kristjónsson
Ari Gunnar Kristjónsson 2 månader sedan
Not liking all the drama Logan is purposefully making between him and Dunkey
Michael Jung
Michael Jung 2 månader sedan
Broley was like: I don't give a shit i wanna get wet and i wanna swim BITCH U CANT CONTROL MEEEEEEEEE
Michelle Kocher
Michelle Kocher 2 månader sedan
You should do a draw my life
rj 91
rj 91 2 månader sedan
Ksi fans like
Sharukh Suliman
Sharukh Suliman 3 månader sedan
that's CAP someone pushed him
Ansh 3 månader sedan
Sad that logan and josie broke up😭😭 I thougt that they will have a kid and then marry but unfortunately
My name’s jeff 123
My name’s jeff 123 3 månader sedan
Mason Shadel
Mason Shadel 3 månader sedan
did nobody else see logans hand behind the dog when in jumped, It looked like he pushed the dog in
Braylyn Hughes
Braylyn Hughes 3 månader sedan
Logan : I need a intro Broley : ok Im finna jump
Karlee Napier
Karlee Napier 3 månader sedan
that poor poor kid
Gus secchiaroli
Gus secchiaroli 3 månader sedan
I love how he actually is trying to be a good person now and is a good ceo
Stormy Rother
Stormy Rother 3 månader sedan
I would rather watch Logan Paul than anybody on SEpost
Aornum 3 månader sedan
Anyone know the song at the end?
Jose Osti
Jose Osti 3 månader sedan
“Everything is very simle, simple “. That’s when you know everything complicated asf
SlasherPsych_2989_xXx 3 månader sedan
I love how that rural countryside instrumental is Broly’s theme song
World Fact
World Fact 3 månader sedan
Mr logan can you give me 10000$ ?
Aadil Shah
Aadil Shah 3 månader sedan
4:04 watch it frame by framqe he pushed him :(
Hashem Samin
Hashem Samin 3 månader sedan
Brayan Alexander Portillo Chileno
Brayan Alexander Portillo Chileno 3 månader sedan
Is no one going to talk about the fact that he said siml except of simple
muhammad Munir
muhammad Munir 3 månader sedan
imagine dropping a dog into the middle of an ocean and expecting him to swim to shore. That's the scenario that played in my mind when Broly jumped into the lake
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