I FaceTimed Floyd Mayweather...

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Logan Paul

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

66oGaming 4 timmar sedan
Let me entertain you
Let me entertain you 8 timmar sedan
You haven’t got the whole world against you! I am with you! 💯🙏👏🙌
wasuki YT
wasuki YT 9 timmar sedan
these is were it all beggin
Tristan Wettstein
Tristan Wettstein 10 timmar sedan
Floyd Mayweather vs Ryan Garcia
blitz 1012
blitz 1012 13 timmar sedan
fight pacquiao too if u want real fight
john smith
john smith 14 timmar sedan
Kick his ass Logan!!! It's sad that his kids have to read to him.
Boleros Basketball TV
Boleros Basketball TV 17 timmar sedan
Next Fight try Manny Pacman but I’m afraid he won’t fight you 🤣 To fight the Legendary Boxer 😆 Good luck to your exhibition fight 💪
clouded Beats
clouded Beats 17 timmar sedan
Bro you shouldn't keep your HS monitors on if you not using em bro😁 just incase
CrypticPixal 19 timmar sedan
Thumbnail looks like a mortal kombat nerf blank
kimberlycurtsinger72 21 timme sedan
I'm lost fight FEB. 20 2021 ?? IT'S IT'S MAY 2021 AND STILL NO FIGHT???
Braden Slagel
Braden Slagel Dag sedan
its may and you still haven't fought but at least it's happening in may
Color Gray
Color Gray Dag sedan
all i hear is kaching
Scapper Dag sedan
Floyd is so confident hes gonna win he didn't even pay the announcer to say he won.
Damyen J Cardenas
Damyen J Cardenas Dag sedan
Blvck Deity
Blvck Deity Dag sedan
Am here once again
MAVERICK forever🤴💘
CrisBoi Dag sedan
you were also against snoop dogg in the basketball
Bro Doctor
Bro Doctor Dag sedan
Logan I hated your brother and you for a while hate is a strong word but I disliked your the goat of the family for sure bro I appreciate how you have Molded to a better man hopefully problem child realizes he needs to do the same to
Octavia Hall
Octavia Hall Dag sedan
6:01-6:24 😂😂 He was so dramatic for no reason LOL!!! 🤣🤣
KIRITO Dag sedan
Logan Paul: I am fighting one of the best fighters in the planet Mike Tyson & Muhammad Ali: Do we both look like a joke to you?
Tammy Tam21
Tammy Tam21 2 dagar sedan
2021? U mean 2022?
B O B s
B O B s 2 dagar sedan
you have to give him his first L
Motionless6449 2 dagar sedan
dude i say you have a 49.8 chance!!!!
Derek Dodson
Derek Dodson 2 dagar sedan
I am not buying your merch xD
Trent G
Trent G Dag sedan
He didn't really say Derek Dodson but my merch lol
alfie mann
alfie mann 2 dagar sedan
jake paul;fights non boxers logan: fights the undefeated respect tbh
Muhasib Mukhtar
Muhasib Mukhtar 2 dagar sedan
i am rooting for you brother .. ❤️❤️
Garrid Cerny
Garrid Cerny 2 dagar sedan
Nate R wasnt a boxer just saying
Tony Gilbert
Tony Gilbert 2 dagar sedan
Logan Paul good to meet you sir!
RaG3_Mouse 2 dagar sedan
You are fighting the greatest fighter in the world and you are not even great you're going to get your ass kicked
Vish Al tek
Vish Al tek 2 dagar sedan
Fck win win
Cadence 2 dagar sedan
Logan gon beat his ass 😭 I said what the fukk I said 🙂.
ZEDCODM 2 dagar sedan
manny Pacquiao is more faster than Mayweather and Jake paul and logan paul
Leb edits
Leb edits 2 dagar sedan
Floyd is fighting for the money Logan Paul is fighting for his career. who agrees?
mourya varma
mourya varma 2 dagar sedan
Your brother already took revenge for you Logan hahahah All the best my man! Love you !!
WIRE 3 dagar sedan
why does he make sex noises when he looks at his floyds insta
Element player 0562
Element player 0562 3 dagar sedan
I don’t like Logan Paul but I hope he wins
J. Bennett
J. Bennett 3 dagar sedan
God and Jesus are great read the Bible Jesus can come any time turn your life to God before it’s to
Abigail Mackert
Abigail Mackert 3 dagar sedan
My birthday is feb 19
Bowen Patterson
Bowen Patterson 3 dagar sedan
Is this just me or does anybody else see the tampons in the background lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂
Melissa Owens
Melissa Owens 3 dagar sedan
You play games you win stupid prizes I will be praying for Paul cuz Mayweather is gonna knock u cleannnnn tf out
Bread 3 dagar sedan
It would just be so funny if logan won jesus christ
Kick his ass bro..india is with you
Everything Bodyweight
Everything Bodyweight 3 dagar sedan
Or Anthony Joshua
Everything Bodyweight
Everything Bodyweight 3 dagar sedan
Fight Deontay Wilder
AXIØN Gaming
AXIØN Gaming 3 dagar sedan
logan :whats the worst thing that can happened jake paul to floyd maywether;:got your hat
TheDarkMist 3 dagar sedan
What does he mean February 2021 that's gone have they already fought?
captain mostafa
captain mostafa 3 dagar sedan
No it will be June 6 I think
Mason Mckechnie
Mason Mckechnie 3 dagar sedan
all 23 mill of your fans think you are gonna knock his ass out and cant wait to see it happen
It's me Emon
It's me Emon 4 dagar sedan
MarshieSpamsL2_ AnthonyLupercio
MarshieSpamsL2_ AnthonyLupercio 4 dagar sedan
Is no one going to talk about the face in the background at 4:59
Angela Walker
Angela Walker 4 dagar sedan
I didn't know that they didn't already fight? So now it's June 6th.. And why am I just now finding this out??
GG Gaming
GG Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Paquiao is more stronger than a weather forcaster
ItsBruh 4 dagar sedan
Bruh at least Logan has good sportsmanship like bruh Ik he’s ur opponent, floyd but at least home some respect 😑
Thabiso Thabza
Thabiso Thabza 4 dagar sedan
Love you man you can do this 😎
Ana Batinic
Ana Batinic 4 dagar sedan
sorry Logan but i HATE you new hair cut........or old
Divine Beauty
Divine Beauty 4 dagar sedan
Boyyy, the cut@$$ Floyd gone put on you AND your brother will cause June 6th to have May weather🥴‼I can't waitttt🤧👀‼
Jeremiah Orr
Jeremiah Orr 4 dagar sedan
When did the production quality of his videos get so good
Harry Ford-Mirfin
Harry Ford-Mirfin 4 dagar sedan
You deserve to win this. Good look🤞👍
Florin Stoica
Florin Stoica 4 dagar sedan
Paul Logan will win, I put £1000 bet
playlistseavey 4 dagar sedan
2:03 the tampons in the backs😭
BillionaireMay 4 dagar sedan
Clout chasing gets yo KO
BillionaireMay 4 dagar sedan
AMERICAREAL 4 dagar sedan
Aiden Kotowski
Aiden Kotowski 4 dagar sedan
i want mayweather win but only because of his record but on the other hand if logan KOs him OMGGGG!!😂
Zinna Lotter
Zinna Lotter 4 dagar sedan
Abdifatah Bare
Abdifatah Bare 4 dagar sedan
Joke joke
0 _ Distorted
0 _ Distorted 5 dagar sedan
Logan Paul, I do respect you as a youtuber, as a boxer, as a person, but you’re not winning.
Brandon Louie Bajo
Brandon Louie Bajo 5 dagar sedan
his voice sound like dream at the start
RoB_LoXx 5 dagar sedan
If Paul wins im gonna gift every one down here a netflix gift card no cap
captain mostafa
captain mostafa 3 dagar sedan
Viswajeet Rao
Viswajeet Rao 5 dagar sedan
SansTheKid 5 dagar sedan
Noahboy !
Noahboy ! 5 dagar sedan
I like how fake this is
Joey Gonzales
Joey Gonzales 5 dagar sedan
If he’s fast enough he’ll win
Aeon Blacks
Aeon Blacks 5 dagar sedan
If you win don't be a c**t have respect. Don't be like the pussyo jake paul.
__ 5 dagar sedan
Get ready for brain damage you bag chasing,clout chasing nobody
__ 3 dagar sedan
@captain mostafa im just me :-) Have a great day
captain mostafa
captain mostafa 3 dagar sedan
What n u think your somebody
SansTheKid 5 dagar sedan
Yo Calm Down man
Oscar Nash
Oscar Nash 5 dagar sedan
I hate it when "celebrity's" pretend they don't know who you are Or act like they walk on water and can't answer a thing because they are so amazing you couldn't handle it or something... it's pathetic
Vihervassari Dag sedan
@Oscar Nash your wrong.
ashinTheBlunt 2 dagar sedan
@Oscar Nash did you try talking to a celebrity or something and they gave you the cold shoulder. Most these people dealing with ego and drug issues they needa work on themselves before saying hey to another human lol idk
ashinTheBlunt 2 dagar sedan
@Oscar Nash but what if i don't care about you. And still happy just taking care of family. Taking care of what matters. To me you don't matter. Unless you are a truly a great person in my life. My point is that most people are full of shit. The less people u encounter then the most likely possibility you live a great life. We might just be opposite people. I don't fw peoole I just pay my bills and keep it movin.
Oscar Nash
Oscar Nash 2 dagar sedan
@ashinTheBlunt yeah your wrong. Acting like this world owes you something and your too good for people is a good way to lose everything. Be humble and this world will carry you a lot farther than fame ever will. 🤙
ashinTheBlunt 2 dagar sedan
If I was famous I would do the same. Your comment is dumb because you are saying “they act like” but sir. It’s because they don’t know you literally. And don’t wanna hang out with you. I really took my time to explain this but I think you need more critical thinking if you don’t get what I’m saying here then yea bye lol
Yousif Mohd
Yousif Mohd 5 dagar sedan
yes actiuly logan paul did not lose at any match
Leah May
Leah May 6 dagar sedan
Next fight should be Logan vs Jake
Becoming Tomeka
Becoming Tomeka 6 dagar sedan
I’m late to the party but I am team LOGAN!!! You got this!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Let’s make history!!
Albert Sagandoy
Albert Sagandoy 6 dagar sedan
After your fight win or lose challenge him on your game(wrestling) Cuz if you lose it's ok because it's boxing it's not your game
BAD VIBES_ FOREVER 6 dagar sedan
Who here after the altercation 👀
ammar hayat
ammar hayat 6 dagar sedan
Who is here after the press conference
MichaelsGoated 6 dagar sedan
Floyd is gonna tire out Logan then it’s over
Miqueas Roman
Miqueas Roman 6 dagar sedan
Sos un pelotudo por reírte de un muerto
Raising Cain
Raising Cain 6 dagar sedan
Hope you win i think you will
Frosty 659
Frosty 659 6 dagar sedan
Who else you gonna fight Mike Tyson?!?
StormyBeatz 6 dagar sedan
Look....based on stats...Sorry, Logan, it's a 51-0. But good luck :p
Pistol Pete's Tattoo Saloon
Pistol Pete's Tattoo Saloon 6 dagar sedan
I believe you can win you got the reach if you know how to use it
Christopher Love
Christopher Love 6 dagar sedan
L.P you should have another set of eyes on how to win smat. Because F.May will fight fast to get the knock out that's why his fights are boring so yeah L.P all the way around the world and back.
Christopher Love
Christopher Love 6 dagar sedan
Yo LP mayweather will fight fast to not lose I'm saying all he's gonna do is go for knock out so he won't loose his title he will always go for the quick because he knows that he will loose in 5 or 7 rounds 😏 I'm just saying
Emanuel Aparicio
Emanuel Aparicio 6 dagar sedan
Still waiting
VigO x
VigO x 6 dagar sedan
Guess what .... bla bla bla bla ...
Xam Guti
Xam Guti 6 dagar sedan
Mayweather will knock his bitch ass out in the first round.
Malcolm Cooper
Malcolm Cooper 6 dagar sedan
Logan you could definitely win the fight and I know it
077 Himanshu Thapa
077 Himanshu Thapa 6 dagar sedan
What song he used in the intro can anyone tell me the name of that song❤️
Kamil Maj
Kamil Maj 6 dagar sedan
Fucking idiots...
elijah harris
elijah harris 6 dagar sedan
I honestly think he will win
El Chispas
El Chispas 7 dagar sedan
he's going to beat you up, you're a clown Logan Paul
Ryan Alonzo
Ryan Alonzo 7 dagar sedan
He is going to regret it tbh 😂
aayush mehra
aayush mehra 7 dagar sedan
Once a noob always a noob
omie crockett
omie crockett 7 dagar sedan
Anyone hear after Floyd and his crew jumped Jake?
Memories Collection
Memories Collection 7 dagar sedan
Logan going to hooked up may👊book👊
Chris Reinhard
Chris Reinhard 7 dagar sedan
I will fight you and your brother at the same time
Alex Castro
Alex Castro 7 dagar sedan
I believe in you
David Thomas Martin You Tube video's
David Thomas Martin You Tube video's 7 dagar sedan
Hello Logan Paul - Floyd Mayweather's setting you up with a beat down from him thugs was a low act. Seems Floyd Mayweather is afraid to deal with you on his own 🥊
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Logan Paul
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