I FaceTimed Floyd Mayweather...

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Logan Paul

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Abir Mathur
Abir Mathur 2 timmar sedan
If Logan beats Mayweather and Jake beats Connor. The Paul brothers will be the coldest brothers on the planet🥶🥶
Stxtic Shark
Stxtic Shark 2 timmar sedan
Well it’s February and still not happened
Dalya Shaban
Dalya Shaban 2 timmar sedan
What happened to COVID?
Sandy2213 3 timmar sedan
So.......everyone forgot about this?
Abdou Adjimi
Abdou Adjimi 3 timmar sedan
Ur wrong mate . Floyd isn't the goat
Breanna Terrell
Breanna Terrell 8 timmar sedan
Why TF is Floyd fighting this snowflake? It's so beneath him.
Zestaro 9 timmar sedan
I like how we all liked the in the beginning, grew to hate them, and here we are again.
MindBlown 16
MindBlown 16 11 timmar sedan
Except no
Happy Feet
Happy Feet 13 timmar sedan
I just want to know, when did the Paul brothers get into fighting? Like, I remember seeing them on SEpost posting funny a** videos. Now I see them fighting/ wanting to fight some top notch fighters. I’m not mad at them, looks like the are really putting in the training, and are really good at it. Keep doing y’all, nothing but love over here. Not to mention but they are both some nice looking men. Good Luck to you both in your next matches.
Hassan Reemaz
Hassan Reemaz 16 timmar sedan
Aight I'm supporting u with ma boy JJ
Tickle Monster
Tickle Monster 16 timmar sedan
This will be awesome
george burrows
george burrows 19 timmar sedan
Kendall Smith
Kendall Smith Dag sedan
It’s February 27th
helpfulreaper 768
helpfulreaper 768 Dag sedan
Feb 27th 2021, i haven't heard a thing about the fight, so i assume he got his ass handed to him?
The God
The God 17 timmar sedan
The fight got cancelled its a different day now
brennan calhoun
brennan calhoun Dag sedan
I think he was just trying to catch you mate
demise Ǎlเ
demise Ǎlเ Dag sedan
Where is the fight were 27 feb
Misan Dag sedan
When is it happening?
Misan Dag sedan
Oh, it didn't happen. 😐😑🥲😥
today is the 28th of feb floyd aint even signed shit LMAO he is opening pokemon cards
None Yabusiness
None Yabusiness Dag sedan
John Jake jeffrey luke it dont matter which of them fucking Paul's it is to floyd or the audience they catching the ass whipping they've obviously never had. Floyd they better be calling for their mommy.
Hector Sodiano
Hector Sodiano Dag sedan
Old 🐐 vs the young 🐐
مهدي _MAHEDY
مهدي _MAHEDY Dag sedan
You're gonna get whipped.
Sheep Kisser 123
Sheep Kisser 123 Dag sedan
Even tho logan stands no chance and is a dumb ass for wanting this and probably only doing it for the money, I respect him for having the balls to step in the ring with floyd
Dutch van Der linde
Dutch van Der linde Dag sedan
Don’t expect a knockout tho flyod is jst going to out box loagan and not let him touch him flyods strength isn’t his power but his movement and boxing intelligence my moneys on may weather
Arch Bradley
Arch Bradley Dag sedan
Wait why hasn’t the fight happened
Kingbreezy Dag sedan
Y Jake Y
Kurdo Najimalddin
Kurdo Najimalddin Dag sedan
wish u luck my dude.
gang swag
gang swag Dag sedan
The fuck happened to the fight date?
Arjun Laxman
Arjun Laxman Dag sedan
Postpone to June
Nearh Dag sedan
Its 27th Feb, when is the match gonna happen?
luka claeys
luka claeys Dag sedan
Its moved to june I think
Athul Satheesh
Athul Satheesh Dag sedan
It never happened
Dynxmic chxmpion
Dynxmic chxmpion Dag sedan
Its the 27 still no fight?
Yamen Dag sedan
Well now it's 27th
Pranabkumar Thathoth
Pranabkumar Thathoth Dag sedan
Feb 2021? Did it get postponed or something blike what happened??
Trollkrabben Dag sedan
Logan is smart. But also Blonde...?
Catherine ONeill
Catherine ONeill Dag sedan
I love Logan but what kind of injury will he have this time. Right before the match.
Keri Tryon
Keri Tryon Dag sedan
Logan you're just t maverick
Travis Drake
Travis Drake 2 dagar sedan
Pretty sure the celebrity b-ball game mayweather was definitely trying to stop you from bashing your face off the court not disrespecting you....least watching that part 100 times and seeing you almost catch a boo boo and Floyd stopping that from happening says he is a decent dude and your kinda the rude disrespectful SEpostr that thinks the world is owed to you... you even know what actual work is I bet Floyd knows what work actually is. And parading around acting like children doing dumb shit isn’t work
Lohid Rohid
Lohid Rohid 2 dagar sedan
At least he has more senses than his younger aquaintance
Anonymous Yt
Anonymous Yt 2 dagar sedan
did they Fight already cuz i think i Miss it??
yousuf N
yousuf N 2 dagar sedan
I wanna see him fight khabib
Arif Cengiz
Arif Cengiz 2 dagar sedan
was this a Christopher Walken Impression at 1:50? kinda 50/50!
Mailk Stallings
Mailk Stallings 2 dagar sedan
Ya bro like it’s experience that makes a difference. Floyd lives and breathes this shit. U just playin around family
Baby Goat
Baby Goat 2 dagar sedan
I got 5k on Logan any bets?
Baby Goat
Baby Goat 2 dagar sedan
I got 5k on Floyd any bets?
JK GAMING 2 dagar sedan
If logan wins this fight next boxing match is with pinoy pride manny pacman
Sawyer Whitemarsh
Sawyer Whitemarsh 2 dagar sedan
Hey bro where is the fight it’s February 20 it’s past that date where is the box in that
PriinceBrvce - Jayson Tatum Is My Son
PriinceBrvce - Jayson Tatum Is My Son Dag sedan
It’s been postponed I think because of COVID-19 restrictions. The fight will still happen.
I T S G R A Y 2 dagar sedan
Bro you should fight mike Tyson
alex man
alex man 2 dagar sedan
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 3 dagar sedan
Can someone be kind enough to send money to my sisters cashapp?
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 3 dagar sedan
Can someone be kind enough to send money to my sisters cashapp?
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 3 dagar sedan
Can someone be kind enough to send money to my sisters cashapp?
Zaden Richardson
Zaden Richardson 3 dagar sedan
Your whole brand is a joke
HBI 2 dagar sedan
thats why he has millions of dollars hey?
Alex Tekmenzhi
Alex Tekmenzhi 3 dagar sedan
What happened to the fight
Savage Kindle 2.0
Savage Kindle 2.0 3 dagar sedan
Pringle. 3 dagar sedan
Who’s here after the fight is never gonna happen
Rxnik Dag sedan
It’s gonna happen you dip shit.
Anonymous Yt
Anonymous Yt 2 dagar sedan
Cooper Gamers
Cooper Gamers 3 dagar sedan
Wait if logan beats mayweather does that mean ski is better that mayweather cause he didnt beat him. I love your vids logan i just wanted to say it cause ive been thinking it for a while, im sorry if I upset anyone by saying this
Derek B
Derek B 3 dagar sedan
You got this Logan
Lili Marie
Lili Marie 3 dagar sedan
Logan may be bigger but Logan can’t fight 😂
SMH HENDRY 3 dagar sedan
Feb 20 passed
Iann S
Iann S 3 dagar sedan
If logan wins people are gonna make so many excuses about why he dint win
Y8hugo 3 dagar sedan
This aged well
Vito Ferdinand
Vito Ferdinand 3 dagar sedan
i knew it
IR4GE 3 dagar sedan
4:27 when u talk shit but he actually accepted the fight and u know ur gonna get fucked up
Lelem 3 dagar sedan
Hope u won’t cough 3 times
Dom 1024
Dom 1024 3 dagar sedan
logan vs floyd is 75/25 in mayweathers favor. here is my advice for logan..... once the match starts please maintain hyper hyperawareness USE your size to your advantage -----> cut off the center of the ring and follow floyd ------> cut off the 4 corners of the boxing ring -----> once you take the center of the ring use your left and right hooks to cut off floyds defensive and escape roots MEANING (listen up logan please xD) 1. know your power 2. take the center of the ring by moving forward with your left and right hooks to cut off floyds defensive escape jabs -----------> ONCE YOU TAKE THE CENTER you need to use your right and left hooks as he moves horizontal ------> meaning as he moves left to right AND right to left -------> know your size / pressure him / maintain hyper awareness / cut off his angles once you take the center of the ring with your powerful right and left hooks
Azul Potato
Azul Potato 3 dagar sedan
*fives days after the fight date*
raul lucky
raul lucky 3 dagar sedan
You win
Mustafac Benyousif
Mustafac Benyousif 4 dagar sedan
Sure the FUCK UP
Sebastian Calero
Sebastian Calero 4 dagar sedan
Como cuando estas en 24 de frebrero y la pelea todavia no a podido darse :v
- 4 dagar sedan
Where is the fight you’re fucking liar
Lachlan Klose
Lachlan Klose 4 dagar sedan
Hahaha bloke your fucked Floyd is going to Fuck your day up you dropkick Bendigo
Sushey 4 dagar sedan
True Gordie already said it but The fact that Logan’s already fighting him is crazy enough
Tapuran ‘
Tapuran ‘ 4 dagar sedan
Epic 5 year old that thinks he can win boxing training 0:32
MichaelSnipes800 4 dagar sedan
You better win this fight seriously mayweather never fights people in their prime he never shows respect he needs his ass handed to him on a platter and all I’m saying is if you win you’ll win over the world you loose you’ll just get left in the dust
Jose Leyva
Jose Leyva 4 dagar sedan
Where's tge fight tho
Lazy_ Avocado
Lazy_ Avocado 4 dagar sedan
Yo ima be honest I got Logan I think Logan gonna win fr fr
Ez Commentary
Ez Commentary 4 dagar sedan
Imagine Logan knocks Floyd out
Kobi Amoako
Kobi Amoako 4 dagar sedan
So where’s the fight then
Kobi Amoako
Kobi Amoako 4 dagar sedan
At this point he’s just digging his own grave🤦
Derek Rivera
Derek Rivera 2 dagar sedan
Nope, but imagine being a SEpostR and getting the opportunity to fight FLOYD MAYWEATHER.. if he loses nobody will care because we all expected it and if he wins.. that will destroy the internet and boxing forever 😂 so he has nothing to lose in this situation
Lemuel Chandekar
Lemuel Chandekar 4 dagar sedan
I know he's training hard for the fight... but man I miss the vlogs
Tu Papa
Tu Papa 4 dagar sedan
Wavyy 4 dagar sedan
Matthew 3:2..
Wavyy 4 dagar sedan
Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon..
Roskill Uelese
Roskill Uelese 4 dagar sedan
did you guys cancel the fight
nukethemall 5 dagar sedan
He will just def all rounds till you are out of gas hes a bitch fighter
king relentless
king relentless 5 dagar sedan
Is february 20th i ain't here bout the fight was they capping
p1n3applezz 5 dagar sedan
*cancels fight*
Rowena David
Rowena David 5 dagar sedan
There's also a history of boxing dont ruin it it was mayweather and manny pacqiao
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas 5 dagar sedan
I truly believe in Logan
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas 5 dagar sedan
It passed February 20
ISO Boardiid
ISO Boardiid 5 dagar sedan
Where the fight
Have a Great day
Have a Great day 5 dagar sedan
Go Logan
Richie 5 dagar sedan
This is funny cause when im watching this its February 23 and nothing happend
Christina Shimp
Christina Shimp 5 dagar sedan
Fuckk maverick
nicolas torrecillas lafuente
nicolas torrecillas lafuente 5 dagar sedan
What happend with the fight?
Blabla Blublu
Blabla Blublu 5 dagar sedan
Logan Paul smels like a ugly Pokémon
Kelsea Flynn
Kelsea Flynn 5 dagar sedan
Why are they still allowed to be a thing?
Kelsea Flynn
Kelsea Flynn 5 dagar sedan
Oh yea.. money
TheArticCommander 5 dagar sedan
Troy 5 dagar sedan
where is it
Charlie Davis
Charlie Davis 5 dagar sedan
Aged well
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