I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

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Logan Paul

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That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

Gregory Dion
Gregory Dion 2 timmar sedan
logan made 225k on this lol
Olinda Korcari Nasaj
Olinda Korcari Nasaj 6 timmar sedan
Just thanks for making pokemon popular again
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson 7 timmar sedan
I wonder is he beat him into giving it to him...
simon totive
simon totive 8 timmar sedan
As a Pokémon Collector we do not accept him he is garbage In Logan Paul I hate you
Eli Malek
Eli Malek 9 timmar sedan
8:34 we all cringed
Mark Ascot
Mark Ascot 11 timmar sedan
what’s the song at the start?
SSjZay 12 timmar sedan
This nigga stupid🤦🏾‍♂️ turn down a house to keep a piece of plastic
Alec Cortez
Alec Cortez 5 timmar sedan
You dumb. It’s worth more than a house dumbass
Keith brown jr
Keith brown jr 13 timmar sedan
Logan now flexed his money on the first part
Daniel Loves Art
Daniel Loves Art 20 timmar sedan
I can tell I'm going to love watching your content again. Although, I was wondering, I saw your Gastly evolution line art piece, and it made me wonder if you had ever though of uploading some art content to SEpost, explaining your thought process on it, doing some art challenges, creating your own original characters? Could go well. Should you choose to upload some art vids, you can take some inspiration from Jazza, a pretty popular art SEpostr. Love his content.
Karmelo Rich
Karmelo Rich 22 timmar sedan
Gary is the Pokemon goat PSA 10
Kysa Hubbard
Kysa Hubbard 23 timmar sedan
OK I have to originals I want to go to you or maybe two grand
Persian Cat
Persian Cat Dag sedan
I would have sold you that charzard for far less lol
Hot Wheels Damian
Hot Wheels Damian Dag sedan
Logan just pulled 2
BrandonVS Dag sedan
This world is fuct
scentic Dag sedan
me on my way to go steal it and rip it
Aimee Cruz
Aimee Cruz Dag sedan
We literally need to catch em all😀😀😂😂
Ogfishyッ Dag sedan
Can I give you 1mil for that
Ogfishyッ Dag sedan
dark nixo
dark nixo Dag sedan
My friend had one of these cards three years ago and then he traded it
zépedro 8
zépedro 8 Dag sedan
Gary, sir, you don't fell bad about it because you got 150 000 $ in return
Gee Kayys
Gee Kayys Dag sedan
I love the Pokémon loving logan paul lmao😂
nameles Dag sedan
Got card of charizard like that but this look duplicate got it from 2 dollar pack
Cameron Fisher
Cameron Fisher Dag sedan
2000- BARELY POPULAR 2010- A LIL POPULAR 2020- WORTH A MILLOIN DOLLARS 2030- Most likely not popular.
Darkyper Dag sedan
Me when trying to trade with my classmates:
layton alan
layton alan 2 dagar sedan
poor gary, my man got robbed
jhenson333 2 dagar sedan
Ha lol Logan sucks jake is better
Sheniece Neptune
Sheniece Neptune 2 dagar sedan
I hate Logan paul
GnomTV 2 dagar sedan
The kid staring at Lana👁👅👁
Aidan McOscar
Aidan McOscar 2 dagar sedan
You are so misunderstood.
Mercado Bitcoin
Mercado Bitcoin 2 dagar sedan
I don't have much Please help us Donate ETH 0xf96b3a071a17cfc7856b98d9a8c3a85d0d27a029
Burhan Luqman
Burhan Luqman 2 dagar sedan
Turns out to be fake
Bane 2 dagar sedan
This man matured...
Orace 2 dagar sedan
The wife looking at Paul then saying "you are Amazing" almost crying. You are amazing
Axel Leos
Axel Leos 2 dagar sedan
I feel bad because he found out it was fake
Denzenn Santiago
Denzenn Santiago 2 dagar sedan
If I robbed this house I would take the cards
Edllusion Entertainment
Edllusion Entertainment 3 dagar sedan
I'm so happy I have a BGS 9, not sure if ill ever let it go. I'm also attached to it!
EjesticsSmallestFan 3 dagar sedan
This video is so bad
Gangsta Vic
Gangsta Vic 3 dagar sedan
Believe it or not I had this card when I was 11
Sosa Da Goat
Sosa Da Goat 3 dagar sedan
The kid like "fuck the poke cards lana rhoades on my couch rn"
Opt Chilly
Opt Chilly 3 dagar sedan
Is this the Pokémon card he got scammed for
Tlxourie 3 dagar sedan
I feel bad for Logan he gave that man 150k Pokémon card and it was fake
Eren Can
Eren Can 3 dagar sedan
türkiyeden gelen me
ᴅ ᴅ
ᴅ ᴅ 3 dagar sedan
Ml studios😁
Benjamin Robertsen
Benjamin Robertsen 3 dagar sedan
I have i charizard card worth 15 thousand dollar
Silver Arrow
Silver Arrow 3 dagar sedan
Only for Fire Spin Charizard? Lol Gary should sell for million.
386 M
386 M 4 dagar sedan
I have the same one how do I get it sold to you
XxTrash PlaysxX
XxTrash PlaysxX 4 dagar sedan
Then he loses it the next day...
リョウコロコロおおお 4 dagar sedan
Sagittarian 4 dagar sedan
You single handedly destroyed the ecosystem of these cards that scalpers are buying everything driving the prices beyond any worth
Sunita Chaurasia
Sunita Chaurasia 4 dagar sedan
Ps:- no script was harmed during this event
Epic Youtuber DHR
Epic Youtuber DHR 4 dagar sedan
Never mind
Epic Youtuber DHR
Epic Youtuber DHR 4 dagar sedan
You do know it’s worth 2000 dolllars right
Rishad Audaya Soeftendy
Rishad Audaya Soeftendy 4 dagar sedan
is like a movie bruh
B-Haunted Labs
B-Haunted Labs 5 dagar sedan
remember the time the pawn shop rejected gary"s offer for 500k
Turxty 5 dagar sedan
Mans really said I’m being a geek rn I front of Gary
Chris Ironose
Chris Ironose 5 dagar sedan
its good but do u have the Pikachu Illustrator card the original version apperently theres only 25 made? idk
Kyuubi Kurama
Kyuubi Kurama 5 dagar sedan
My broke ass can’t relate
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 5 dagar sedan
Wow fuck you as usual logan. You have no shame, going in there acting it up, as if you give a fuck about pokemon cards, you even laugh about it in the limozine at the beginning that it means nothing to you and that you think you can double your money. That man made that deal because he wanted the spread the joy of something he was passionate about, and you went in there, flashing your cash and lied to his face. Congratulations on always shocking me in finding a new low to sink to, you absolute loser.
Carlo Jose Maglinte
Carlo Jose Maglinte 5 dagar sedan
now look for pokeman alex he have 111 charizard
Sophia Kornitsky
Sophia Kornitsky 5 dagar sedan
Isn’t this like the height of coronavirus ?
acrowsnestview 5 dagar sedan
logan simply made that money back from our views and support
Pimpin Homeruns
Pimpin Homeruns 6 dagar sedan
Awesome video 💜
jbrookster_ 14
jbrookster_ 14 6 dagar sedan
Bro imagine you come out of your room after watching a lana rhodes video and shes sitting on your couch
Defalt VG
Defalt VG 6 dagar sedan
Fuck off logan Paul ruining Pokémon
Eren eager
Eren eager Dag sedan
inschtalliert 6 dagar sedan
Bro that Charizard scream at 9:13 brought fckn tears to my eyes, I don't know why
Cosmic Doge
Cosmic Doge 6 dagar sedan
Logan Look At Me im a Pokémon Card collector but i have never got any first addition card As one of my goles is to get a first addition card of any Pokémon
Guru Prasanth
Guru Prasanth 6 dagar sedan
Finally u found something u can get more views on than ure cringe vlogs
Allan Marmol
Allan Marmol 6 dagar sedan
I want to see your conversation pit
jayson acena
jayson acena 6 dagar sedan
Bruh!! That was crazy!!!
100k Subscribers With No Videos
100k Subscribers With No Videos 6 dagar sedan
He should of offered Lana Rhoades
Alucard斗 7 dagar sedan
Lana rohades sin saber que pasa jajaja ❤️
nicola bevitt
nicola bevitt 7 dagar sedan
where is jinger
RK 7
RK 7 7 dagar sedan
unknown user
unknown user 7 dagar sedan
get it out of the sun
Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia 7 dagar sedan
“I don’t feel bad about it” Next day- “I feel bad about it”
meander vh
meander vh 7 dagar sedan
Logan said he only wants to invest his money from now on in stuff that's more worth over time, so he can resell later and make more 8:33 "I'll never ever sell that card" I feel bad for the old man
anonymous 7 dagar sedan
lol a pawn stars reject has an actual pornstar sitting on his couch
GokuuBBC 7 dagar sedan
Why Lana Rhoades look board asf 😂😂😂
Billylorde 8 dagar sedan
do u reckon he recognised lana when she was on the couch😂😂
Comment Expert
Comment Expert 8 dagar sedan
Want to buy my cards. I have some legit cards. Mint condition.
Cino 8 dagar sedan
This is one of the cringiest vids on the internet
Tashu 65
Tashu 65 8 dagar sedan
man i love this moment.i can live in it.
BTR Ferkyy
BTR Ferkyy 8 dagar sedan
Lol nerd
Xavier gaming channel Perez
Xavier gaming channel Perez 8 dagar sedan
Fuck you
Shady 8 dagar sedan
Roxanne Ross
Roxanne Ross 8 dagar sedan
This just reminds me of the good old days, 94 baby pretty much grew up with pokemon 🥰
Metal Bum
Metal Bum 8 dagar sedan
Epic. Getting the paul Logan NFT
Ethan Grissom
Ethan Grissom 8 dagar sedan
Why don’t you fight someone tough for a change mommas boy and fight Carl Johnson he would knock you out in less than 5 minutes easily, you stand no chance against Carl, he’d hit you so hard that you wouldn’t be able to feel your face for a month.
Emil Hanning
Emil Hanning 8 dagar sedan
pawn stars lost on that one
warlord 9 dagar sedan
This is what happens when you lose to KSI
Rick Huerta
Rick Huerta 9 dagar sedan
I love your videos
Rick Huerta
Rick Huerta 9 dagar sedan
Fuck you
I AM NEGAN 9 dagar sedan
Plot twist it’s fake
YES IT'S TRUTH 10 dagar sedan
1 minutes silence for illustrator pikachu 🙏
The Voyagers
The Voyagers 10 dagar sedan
Oh damn he was on pawn stars
David Stewart
David Stewart 10 dagar sedan
I have absolutely fucking no idea about Pokémon and neither do I want to but these videos are brilliant! Gary new what he was doing selling that because someone like Logan Paul would have just bumped all the prices up on his collection. Fair play Gary, Fair Play
HELP 10 dagar sedan
Hello logan paul em love you TURKEY EM YAGMUR Enes batur sungurtas love is Surname. : KİLİC AGE:10 NAME: YAGMUR EM LOVE YOU
Jule Sketch
Jule Sketch 10 dagar sedan
thats a loot of money mann
XI-_AKUMA BASE_-IX 10 dagar sedan
Damn u got about 10million dumbass subs an the other half is bots. How do you do it? We both know you're content is shit but surprisingly people enjoy shit so I salute you for making the world more dumber then it already is by having 9 million views..........about a pokemon card 😐
Khalid Abdilaahi
Khalid Abdilaahi 10 dagar sedan
Yo suck
RaTheSunGod 11 dagar sedan
When you realize you had a few of those when you were younger 🤦‍♂️ FML
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